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  • 217: Einstein Copilot Custom Actions with Mohith Shrivastava
    by Joshua Birk on 15 kwietnia 2024 at 08:00

    Join us as we chat with Mohith Shrivastava, a Salesforce Developer Advocate who needs no introduction to the Salesforce community. Listen in as Mohith unravels the intricacies of Einstein Copilot custom actions and how this conversational AI assistant is revolutionizing the Salesforce experience by understanding an organization’s metadata and data permissions. For developers, the excitement lies in custom actions — Mohith shares how these can be crafted using flows, Apex, and prompt templates to enhance productivity and user interaction. Mohith explains the flexibility offered by Einstein Copilot’s use of large language models, moving away from the rigidity of traditional chatbot implementations. We dissect how developers can think of their implementations as microservices, writing individual actions that the reasoning engine then seamlessly chains together.  Tune in and empower your Salesforce development skills with insights from one of the platform’s most recognized advocates. Show Highlights: How developers can utilize flows, Apex, and prompt templates to build dynamic conversational interfaces. The use of large language models for flexible, microservices-based approaches in chatbot design. Technical details on extending Salesforce’s AI capabilities using standard technologies for personalized user interactions. Importance of proper architecture, understanding governor limits, and optimizing triggers for successful AI integration in Salesforce. The potential of integrating external data and services to enhance Salesforce AI functionalities. The importance of quality data and Data Cloud for improving AI experiences within Salesforce applications. Links: Build Custom Copilot Actions Using Apex – Build Custom Copilot Actions using Apex – Extend Your Copilot with Custom Actions –

  • 216: Why Use MuleSoft with Data Cloud & Einstein Copilot with Akshata Sawant
    by René Winkelmeyer on 1 kwietnia 2024 at 08:00

    Join the conversation with Akshata Sawant from MuleSoft as we unlock the combination of MuleSoft’s integration prowess and Salesforce Data Cloud. Hear Akshata’s takeaways from TrailblazerDX, where she delves into MuleSoft’s transformative capabilities for data handling. It’s a masterclass in leveraging the dynamic DataWeave for schema generation, tailored for developers grappling with diverse data formats. Experience firsthand how MuleSoft shapes the future of data integration, all while ensuring the highest security and compliance standards. We then discuss MuleSoft APIs with Salesforce’s Einstein Copilot. Don’t miss out on this dialogue filled with the excitement of what’s to come as we integrate Data Cloud, MuleSoft, and Einstein Copilot. Show Highlights: Data ingestion, querying, and record deletion through MuleSoft connectors, and schema generation with DataWeave. The collaboration of MuleSoft APIs with Einstein Copilot to enable complex operations like data updates and automated email notifications. Importance of built-in security and compliance in integrating third-party systems with Salesforce’s AI capabilities. The versatility of MuleSoft in handling various data formats and facilitating complex integration tasks. Future discussions on the potential of integrating Data Cloud, MuleSoft, and Einstein Copilot for enhanced efficiency and operations. Links: Power Up Data Cloud with MuleSoft – Intelligent Integration with Copilot Actions, APIs, and MuleSoft –

  • 215: The Future of AI with Salesforce’s Einstein 1 Studio & Data Cloud featuring Danielle Larregui
    by Joshua Birk on 19 marca 2024 at 08:00

    Join us as we welcome the Data Cloud Queen herself, Danielle Larregui. Get ready to witness the groundbreaking power of Einstein 1 Studio as Danielle unveils its transformative capabilities within the Salesforce Data Cloud. Discover how developers can effortlessly create AI models using a no-code or low-code approach directly with their Data Lake data. We’ll explore the practicality of generating predictions, integrating external AI platforms, and leveraging built-in tools for assessing prediction accuracy. Brace yourself for the standout feature of ‘Bring Your Own Model,’ which allows seamless, real-time data sharing without the need for ETL processes. We’ll discuss the availability of Snowflake’s integration and the potential that lies with Google BigQuery. Imagine how these integrations can revolutionize your external data management, from segmentation to identity resolution.  Stay tuned to learn how Data Cloud Enrichment could further enhance your Salesforce CRM by leveraging the power of Data Cloud data. Show Highlights: Introduction of Einstein 1 Studio and Model Builder within Salesforce Data Cloud for creating AI models using no-code or low-code approaches. How the “Bring Your Own Model” feature enables real-time data sharing with Salesforce Data Cloud without ETL processes. How Data Cloud Enrichment allows Salesforce CRM records to be updated with Data Cloud data. Remote Data Cloud, which could unify data management for organizations with multiple Salesforce instances. Ability to use predictions made by AI models in Salesforce flows, Apex classes, and reporting within Data Cloud. Links: Bring Your Google Vertex AI Models To Data Cloud – Use Model Builder to Integrate Databricks Models with Salesforce –  

  • 214: Salesforce Developer Sample Apps featuring Philippe Ozil
    by Joshua Birk on 4 marca 2024 at 09:00

    Join us as we sit down with Philippe Ozil, a familiar face in the Salesforce Developer community, to chat about the exciting developments and enhancements to the Salesforce Developer Sample Apps. Philippe brings his passion for this area to the forefront, discussing the significant strides the team is making with the upcoming spring release. Listen in as Philippe also sheds light on the open-source nature of the sample apps, which provides an invaluable opportunity for developers to get hands-on experience. We explore the progress in integrating mobile device native capabilities into Salesforce apps under the ‘Nimbus’ umbrella. Philippe’s enthusiasm is contagious as he details the innovative uses of geolocation, QR code scanning, and OCR technology that are transforming the Dreamhouse app for real estate professionals on the go.  Whether you’re a seasoned Salesforce Developer or just getting started, this episode is packed with knowledge that will surely inspire and inform your work. Show Highlights: Sample apps are open source, available on GitHub, and include full code coverage, unit testing, and continuous integration, exemplifying best practices for developers. Introduction of the Lightning Record Picker Component and Workspace API for Lightning Web Components in the Spring release. The importance of community contributions to the open-source sample apps. Educational content such as introduction videos, trailhead badges, and documentation leverages sample apps for a comprehensive developer learning experience. Links: Salesforce Developer Sample Apps – EBikes Lightning Web Runtime – Sample Apps YouTube Series – Trailhead QuickStart: Tour the Sample App Gallery –  

  • 213: What’s New with Lightning Web Components Featuring Alba Rivas
    by Joshua Birk on 19 lutego 2024 at 09:00

    Unlock the power of Salesforce’s latest innovations with an exclusive look into the Spring ’24 release as we sit down with Salesforce Developer Advocate Alba Rivas. Prepare to elevate your development skills with an array of new Lightning Web Components features, including the much-anticipated dynamic components and the transformative GraphQL wire adapter. Alba’s enthusiasm is infectious as we discuss how these updates, inspired by community feedback, are reshaping the landscape of Salesforce development. Our conversation with Alba spans from the technical intricacies of the new record picker component to the practical applications of the Workspace API, bridging the Aura and LWC divide. We also shed light on the critical instrumentation API, a tool that’s arming developers with valuable user interaction insights.  Join us as we celebrate the continuous innovation of Lightning Web Components and provide you with the expert insights needed to stay ahead in the dynamic world of Salesforce development. Show Highlights: Introduction of dynamic components and the GraphQL wire adapter to simplify queries and enhance front-end development efficiency. Examination of the new record picker component and its configuration options. Overview of the instrumentation API, enabling developers to log user interactions for better insights into application usage. Discussion on best practices for using dynamic components to maintain performance in Salesforce applications. Links: LWC Recipes GraphQL example – GraphQL Wire Adapter for LWC Documentation – codeLive: How to Work with the GraphQL Wire Adapter for LWC – LWC Recipes Dynamic Components example – Dynamic Components for LWC Documentation – codeLive: How to Work with Dynamic Lightning Web Components – LWC Recipes Workspace API example – Workspace API for LWC Documentation – Dreamforce 2023: From Aura to LWC: Harnessing New Features with Revamped APIs – Custom Component Instrumentation API Documentation –  

  • 212: Mobile Platform Tooling with Ashwin Nair and Galen Lewis
    by Joshua Birk on 29 stycznia 2024 at 09:00

    Join us for a journey into the tech universe as we explore the ins and outs of mobile app development with Salesforce’s own Ashwin Nair and Galen Lewis. Listen in as Ashwin recounts his evolution from a sports game enthusiast to a product manager for Mobile Platform Experience, and Galen shares his beginnings with Scratch to his current role as an associate product manager for Mobile SDK.  This episode sheds light on the latest advancements in mobile developer tooling. Ashwin walks us through the exciting new features, such as the enhanced LWC offline test harness and the debut of the mobile offline onboarding wizard tool, alongside the Nimbus plugins that promise to revolutionize access to native device functionalities. Tune in for an engaging blend of tech talk and personal anecdotes that underscore the vibrant community of developers and enthusiasts alike. Show Highlights: Introduction of new features in Salesforce’s Spring ’24 release, including the LWC offline test harness and mobile offline onboarding wizard tool. Discussion on Nimbus plugins for Salesforce mobile development, enabling integration of native device functionalities like document scanning, NFC, and biometrics. The capabilities and future updates of Salesforce’s Mobile SDK, including native login, one-time passwords, and on-device AI functionality. The importance of offline capabilities in mobile development for handling scenarios with limited network connectivity. Links: Ashwin’s LinkedIn: Test Harness Developer Documentation: Introducing the Salesforce Offline App Onboarding Wizard: Developer Docs: Nimbus Plugins: Galen’s LinkedIn: Enabling Biometric Authentication in Mobile SDK Apps: Mobile SDK Developer Guide: What’s New in Mobile SDK 11.0 and 11.1?:

  • 211: Anypoint Code Builder with Simone Geib
    by Joshua Birk on 22 stycznia 2024 at 09:00

    Join us in this episode with Simone Geib, Director of Product Management at MuleSoft, as she shares her serendipitous foray into the world of computer science. Listen in as Simone takes us back to her formative years in 1980s Germany and walks us through the trials and triumphs of entering a male-dominated field, her subsequent move into artificial intelligence, and the enriching experiences that shaped her path. Explore the revolutionary world of cloud-hosted development environments with us, focusing on Anypoint Code Builder and the Anypoint extension for Visual Studio Code. Simone elaborates on how this tool offers developers a flexible and secure solution that fits perfectly into their workflows, regardless of location or device restrictions. She also sheds light on the integration of generative AI, which promises to transform how we approach initial flow designs.  Remember to connect with us for more developer insights and stories, and don’t miss the chance to experience innovation and community at TDX ’24. Show Highlights: Simone’s unexpected discovery of computer science and her journey from learning MS-DOS to embracing AI at university. Transition from a developer working with Visual Basic and C++ to a product manager role at MuleSoft. Advantages of cloud-hosted development environments and the role of MuleSoft’s community in the evolution of Anypoint Code Builder. Preview of the Einstein for Anypoint Code Builder’s generative AI pilot for flow designs from natural language prompts. Links: Simone at LinkedIn: Anypoint Code Builder: Register to attend TrailblazerDX 2024  

  • 210: Spring ’24 Release Highlights with Mohith Shrivastava
    by Joshua Birk on 15 stycznia 2024 at 09:00

    Uncover the future of Salesforce development with insights from Mohith Shrivastava in our latest episode, where we dissect the Spring ’24 release highlights. From the time-saving beta feature Scratch Org Snapshots to the sleek new Null Coalescing Operator and the UUID system class in Apex, we’re unpacking tools that promise to elevate your coding experience to new heights. These updates not only simplify workflows but also signify Apex’s evolution towards contemporary programming standards. In this episode, we discuss the substantial enhancements within Lightning Web Components, like the now widely available Workspace API and the transformative Lightning Record Picker component. We also say goodbye to tools such as the Ant Migration Tool and Workbench. Meanwhile, Salesforce Data Cloud is upping its game with new features and updates that integrate data with unprecedented ease.  Don’t miss out on the excitement for what the future holds for Salesforce releases — join us for an episode brimming with expert knowledge and tips straight from one of Salesforce’s very own developer advocates. Show Highlights: Apex language enhancements, including the Null Coalescing Operator for streamlined null checks and default value assignments and the UUID system class. Updates to Lightning Web Components (LWC), along with performance improvements through component versioning and native JavaScript APIs. Retirement of the Ant Migration Tool in favor of Salesforce CLI for deployment and org management. Salesforce Data Cloud advancements with new features for data integrations. Resources: Read the blog: The Salesforce Developer’s Guide to the Spring ’24 Release Follow the trail: Spring ’24 Release Highlights Browse the release notes Join the Salesforce Developers Trailblazer Community group to connect with the global developer community. Join Release Readiness Trailblazers to stay up to date on the latest and greatest product enhancements and innovations across the Salesforce ecosystem.  

  • 209: Screen Flow Latest Features with Adam White
    by Joshua Birk on 9 stycznia 2024 at 09:00

    Join us as we have a conversation with our guest, Adam White, Senior Product Manager of Automation at Salesforce. Listen in as he recounts the evolution of his gaming and tinkering with various consoles and his first computer, a Pentium 100, revealing how overcoming the challenges of early computing led to a love for problem-solving and technical mastery. In this conversation, we explore the unconventional pathways to tech careers, emphasizing that a traditional background in technology isn’t always necessary. The discussion navigates through career milestones, from the challenges of managing Salesforce single-handedly to embracing program management at and delving into the role of Atlassian tools in business applications. Our chat then takes a closer look at the latest features in Salesforce Flow, such as the advancements in reactive screen flows, allowing form building with conditionally disabled and read-only fields. Listen in for an exciting conversation! Show Highlights: The influence of early gaming on developing tech skills and problem-solving abilities. Transitioning from an economics and Spanish major to a tech enthusiast. Challenges and triumphs of solo Salesforce administration and the benefits of low-code solutions like Salesforce Flow. Latest features in Salesforce, including reactive screens and the repeater component for screen flows. Discussion of the upcoming Salesforce features and the anticipation of how they will enhance user experience and developer capabilities. Links: Adam on LinkedIn: Reactive Screen Components:  

  • 208: The Global Salesforce Community with Christie Fidura
    by Joshua Birk on 1 stycznia 2024 at 09:00

    Join us as we take a journey with Christie Fidura, Salesforce’s director of Global Trailblazer Engagement, through her unexpected love affair with technology and the world of programming. We explore the elegance and universality of coding languages as Christie reflects on her transition from an English literature and Spanish student to teaching engineers at DuPont. This conversation reveals the hidden poetry in programming and the crucial role of technical communication in bridging the gap between users and creators. Christie also highlights the significance of “Johnny Appleseed” figures who sow the seeds of knowledge and enthusiasm, fostering local communities. You’ll learn the importance of nurturing personal connections within this expansive network and how we enable a transparent exchange between community members and Salesforce product managers through various platforms. Tune in to this episode for a blend of personal narratives and insights into the dynamic Salesforce ecosystem. Show Highlights: The growth and evolution of Christie’s relationship with technology. The warm, familial nature of the Salesforce community, the global connections made, and the significant role of “Johnny Appleseed” trailblazers. Christie’s experience with the London Salesforce admin meetup. The importance of maintaining personal connections in the community and facilitating direct interactions between Salesforce product managers and community members. Christie’s plans for 2024 with a focus on artificial intelligence and the role developers can play in guiding companies through AI implementation. Links: Christie on LinkedIn: Salesforce Developers Community:

  • 207: Organizing Dreamin’ Conferences
    by Joshua Birk on 18 grudnia 2023 at 09:00

    Join us as we chat with Julio, Laura, and Pedro, passionate members of the Salesforce community who have had their hands full organizing dreamOlé, Spain’s premier Salesforce community conference. They regale us with stories of their beginnings in the Salesforce community, the hurdles they had to overcome in event organization, and the irreplaceable role the community has played in their personal and professional growth. We also discuss the pivot to virtual event organization amid the pandemic and the resilience of dreamOlé. Wrapping up the conversation, Julio, Laura, and Pedro offer valuable insights on the significance of collaboration, enjoying the process, and the importance of a trustworthy team. Show Highlights: The challenges faced while organizing the conference and the support and learning they received from the Salesforce community. The significance of dreamOlé in unifying the Salesforce community and fostering connections among its members. Pedro’s journey from being an attendee at the inaugural dreamOlé to becoming a volunteer. The essence of collaboration, the joy of the process, and the importance of a strong team in organizing such events.  

  • 206: Building Chatbots with Apex
    by Joshua Birk on 14 grudnia 2023 at 09:00

    Join me and our guests Keegan Klauke and Subi Philip from MRE Consulting as we journey back in time to explore their early experiences with computers. Keegan shares his passion for computer hardware and programming, sparked by early video games, while Subi talks about his initial coding experience in high school. From their first encounters with the Commodore 64 to their entrance into the Salesforce ecosystem, their stories provide a unique look into the evolution of computer technology. Listen in as we explore the integration of chatbots with Apex processes, discussing the different use cases for designing chatbots and the importance of AI in understanding customer intent. We address concerns about toxicity and hallucinations in chatbot behavior and how to prevent them. We also discuss the process of designing and testing chatbots within the Salesforce ecosystem, discussing the importance of mapping user questions to predefined intents and providing structured responses.  Whether you’re looking to build modern chatbots within the Salesforce platform or simply interested in the evolution of technology, this episode is packed with valuable insights. Show Highlights: The design and use of chatbots within the Salesforce platform. The significance of leveraging AI in chatbot design to understand customer intent and prevent potential discrepancies. The importance of mapping user interactions and providing structured responses to avoid incorrect or offensive chatbot responses. The challenges of automating testing for chatbots are discussed, stressing the need for human intervention. Insights for those interested in building modern chatbots within the Salesforce platform. Links: Keegan on LinkedIn:  Subi on LinkedIn: MRE Website Link: Our MRE Blog Post on Chatbots & AI: Einstein Bot Developer Cookbook: Chat LWC Pack: Chat LWC Pack (GitHub):

  • 205: Data, AI, and MuleSoft with Ajay Kumar
    by Joshua Birk on 4 grudnia 2023 at 09:00

    Join us as we have a conversation with Ajay Kumar, Senior Manager for Solutions Engineering at MuleSoft, where we discuss his educational journey, how he transitioned into the MuleSoft and Salesforce ecosystem, and the vital role of continuous learning in technology.  We also explore the captivating world of Artificial Intelligence (AI). We discuss its evolution, current state, and the promising future it holds. Listen in as we share insights into generative AI, its increasing importance across industries, and its potential to enhance human IQ.  Additionally, we discuss the significant impact of AI on our daily lives and how it’s revolutionizing industries, especially retail, through optimizing inventory management. Overcoming fear and hesitation towards AI, the necessity of staying relevant in the rapidly changing tech industry, and the irreplaceable human touch in AI are some of the captivating topics we touch upon. Show Highlights: The evolution and impact of Artificial Intelligence (AI), including its transformative potential across various industries and its capacity to enhance human IQ. Kumar delves into the concept of gendered AI, the current state of AI, and the future potential of artificial general intelligence. The use of AI in the retail industry.  The role of MuleSoft in data integration. The concept of having a personal AI ‘co-pilot’ in the future. Links: Ajay on LinkedIn:  

  • 204: B2C Commerce Cloud with Thomas Theunen
    by Joshua Birk on 27 listopada 2023 at 09:00

    Ready to jump into the captivating realm of coding and computer technology? This episode promises an intriguing exploration of the journey from early computing to the cutting-edge applications of artificial intelligence in software development. Join us with Thomas Theunen, head of commerce at Forward, as he reminisces about his fascinating evolution from a curious child tinkering with his first computer to becoming a tech-savvy forward thinker.  Interested in how languages evolve in the world of coding? From Thomas’s maiden voyage with C Sharp, his engagement with Windows Phone applications, to his dedicated seven-year expedition with Java at an enterprise level, it’s a rollercoaster ride through the tech landscape. Our discussion dives deep into the Salesforce ecosystem, JavaScript development, and the emerging uses of AI in speeding up workflows. Lastly, Thomas discusses the burgeoning B2C Commerce Cloud community and his invaluable contributions to it.  This isn’t just an episode; it’s a chronicle of a tech enthusiast’s journey, making it a must-listen for all computer technology and coding enthusiasts! Show Highlights: Thomas’s professional journey with software development languages. His experience transitioning into the Salesforce ecosystem, JavaScript development with BTC Commerce Cloud, and his evolution from a developer to an architect. The role of AI in software development, how it has helped Thomas speed up his workflows, and the importance of human involvement in reviewing AI-generated solutions. Thomas’ contribution to the B2C Commerce Cloud community, its growth over the years, and his insights into using React in development. The transformative role of AI in workflow improvement, from aiding in code generation to simplifying unit tests. Links: Thomas on LinkedIn:  

  • 203: MuleSoft API Experience Hub with Igor Androsov
    by Joshua Birk on 20 listopada 2023 at 09:00

    Join us as we chat with Igor Androsov, National Architect Director at Mills of Japan. Igor shares his introduction to Salesforce in 2008 and his active involvement in the Salesforce community. Hear how the global pandemic has influenced his work, leading to him joining Salesforce in 2020. Listen as he narrates his rich experiences within the Salesforce community in Japan, and how it has enriched his career. We touch on Salesforce’s VTO program and MuleSoft tools. Igor shares his contribution to the Impact Labs and the Open Source Commons Projects, offering his Salesforce skills to aid nonprofits. He also explains how Salesforce Developers can start with MuleSoft and the available resources. Don’t miss out on Igor’s intriguing discussion on the API Experience Hub.  Listen in today! Show Highlights: Androsov’s experiences with Salesforce community engagement and how global events like the pandemic shaped his career. Salesforce’s Voluntary Time Off (VTO) program. The MuleSoft tools offering insight for developers on how to get started and the resources available. Androsov’s journey of learning and contributing to the Impact Labs and Open Source Commons Projects is highlighted. Overview of API Experience Hub, a new tool from MuleSoft that allows users to create a branded experience for their APIs.  Links:  Igor on LinkedIn: