Salesforce Developers Podcast

  • 196: Coffee and Business Tools with Mike Gerholdt and Gillian Bruce
    by Joshua Birk on 2 października 2023 at 08:00

    Remember the first time you received an email? The magic of instant communication transforming your work life? That’s the journey we take you on as we explore the dynamic relationship between work and technology. From email evolution to instant communication tools like Slack, we’ll also tackle the unexpected mental emergency that a phone call can induce.  Come along for a fascinating snapshot into the ever-evolving world of work. Show Highlights: The transformation of work due to technological advancements. The mental shift that occurs when an unexpected work phone call comes in and how it impacts our modern work routines. The impact of remote work and video conferencing on work culture, especially in the wake of the pandemic. Links: Mike on LinkedIn: Gillian on LinkedIn: Josh on LinkedIn:  

  • 195: Winter ’24 Release Highlights with Mohith Shrivastava
    by Joshua Birk on 25 września 2023 at 08:00

    Listen in as Mohith Shrivastava, Lead Developer Advocate at Salesforce, and I unwrap the most anticipated features in the Winter ’24 release. We share our excitement for Dynamic Components in LWC, a feature that Mohith believes will revolutionize the game for ISV developers. We explore how Dynamic Components can store component definitions on the backend, allowing developers to render components at runtime and use dependency injection. We continue our exploration with a look at how developers can use LWC recipes and the GraphQL wire adapter to create powerful table or grid views on the client side. The GraphQL APIs now support mutations and offer the potential for developers to use custom elements to incorporate third-party components and web standards for reusability. Plus, we discuss new mobile capabilities like document scanning, NFC, and biometric functionalities.  We shed light on how DataWeave, a MuleSoft data transformation language, can be used in Apex and the improvements made to Queueable Apex. We also look at Code Builder, a browser-based development platform that aims to make developing Salesforce applications more straightforward than ever.  Tune in and get a head start on what’s coming in the Winter ’24 release! Show Highlights: The exciting features in Salesforce’s Winter ’24 release, focusing on the game-changing Dynamic Components in LWC for ISV developers. New mobile capabilities in the Winter ’24 release, including document scanning, NFC, and biometric functionalities. Examination of the Winter ’24 DataWeave and Apex enhancements. Overview of new features for Salesforce developers in the Winter ’24 release. Introduction to Salesforce Code Analyzer, a new VS Code extension, and how it improves the quality of code reviews. Links: Mohith on LinkedIn: Blog: The Salesforce Developer’s Guide to the Winter ’24 Release  

  • 194: Learning Salesforce with Teo Dawn
    by Joshua Birk on 18 września 2023 at 08:00

    Join us on a captivating journey as we talk with Teo Dawn, a 21-year-old Salesforce developer from the Yucatan, about his experiences. Teo recalls his early days with computers, being inspired by his older brother to pursue a career in software engineering, and how he won a scholarship through Rafael Hernandez’s nonprofit organization. Continuing his story, Teo shares his path to becoming a certified Salesforce developer.  Listen as he delves into his Unity project, presented at Forcelandia, and his current internship experiences. In our chat with Teo, he also reveals his passion for music and how it has assisted him in his development career. He emphasizes the value of his piano skills in communicating tech topics to others, providing an unexpected bridge between the arts and technology. Make sure to tune in and discover more about Teo’s journey in the Salesforce world and beyond! Show Highlights: Teo’s journey from a childhood fascination with computers to becoming a Salesforce developer, including his scholarship from a nonprofit organization. The guidance Teo received from his mentor Dr. Edgar Cambranes and the support from his brother. Teo’s passion for piano and how it helped him bridge the gap between arts and technology, as well as communicate tech topics to others. Teo’s current internship experiences and his future plans in the field of Salesforce development. Links: LinkedIn: Github:  

  • 193: Creating User Stories with Kate Lessard
    by Joshua Birk on 11 września 2023 at 08:00

    Join us as we chat with Kate Lessard, Delivery Team Manager at Arkus, about the critical role of user stories in collaboration and her unique journey into the Salesforce world. Starting her career in the fine arts, Kate made an unexpected transition into Salesforce consulting for nonprofits. In this episode, we have a discussion about the fundamentals of crafting compelling user stories.  We talk about identifying personas, setting acceptance criteria, and how user stories facilitate teamwork. Discover how tools like Chat GPT can leverage AI to define personas and how to dissect solutions into manageable tasks. We also dive into the nuts and bolts of using user stories to foster effective collaboration.  Learn how to pinpoint the atomic level of a good user story and the tools Kate recommends for tracking them. All this and more in this insightful conversation with Kate Lessard! Show Highlights: The importance of creating good user stories for effective team collaboration. Detailed process of crafting user stories, including persona identification and setting acceptance criteria. The role of background stories and ‘jobs to be done’ in enriching the user story creation process. The importance of breaking down solutions into manageable tasks and the use of AI tools like Chat GPT in defining personas. Kate’s personal recommendations for tracking user stories and her unique approach to user story creation. Discussion on leveraging acceptance criteria and creating backstories for personas to develop efficient user stories. Links: Twitter account: @SalesforceK8 LinkedIn account: User Stories with examples and a template – Max Rehkopf, Atlassian:   

  • 192: The Role of Architects with Mike Topalovich
    by Joshua Birk on 4 września 2023 at 08:00

    Join us as we take an insightful journey with Salesforce Architect, Mike Topalovich, who uncovers his unique career path, starting from his early introduction to coding as a young child, and leading up to his current role in the Salesforce ecosystem. As he recalls his days writing script language programs, working with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, and using Siebel systems, you’ll gain a better understanding of how technology can be used to simplify and enhance people’s lives. In our conversation, Mike also discusses the convergence of AI and architectural design. As we tackle the concept of ‘move fast, break stuff’, we consider its relevance and limitations. We also delve into how AI is transforming the design process and the potential for feedback loops to foster positive human-machine interactions. Mike also shares his perspective on the importance of UX design in creating positive user experiences. This is an episode brimming with lessons, insights, and stories that are bound to resonate with developers, architects, and technology enthusiasts alike. Show Highlights: Mike’s emphasis on user experience and technology’s potential to simplify lives, illustrated by his stint with Siebel Systems. The intersection of AI and architectural design, and its implications in terms of innovation, risk management, and enhanced design processes. The potential threats of AI and quantum computing in the hands of state actors. Mike’s thoughts on UX design principles, psychological safety, political safety, and their application in creating secure and efficient systems. Links: LinkedIn account:

  • 191: Composable Commerce with Nat Pavic
    by Joshua Birk on 28 sierpnia 2023 at 08:00

    Welcome to a futuristic ride through the world of composable commerce and technology with our distinguished guest, Nat Pavic, a senior manager of product management for Commerce Cloud. Nat, with a remarkable background in coding, programming, physics, quantum computing, and biophysics, is currently navigating the path of innovation for Commerce Cloud. He unravels the concept of composable commerce and reveals how this new approach provides unprecedented freedom and flexibility to customers, revolutionizing the e-commerce landscape. We delve into the realm of group shopping and digital experiences, studying innovative applications like Slack’s group dressing room. The discussion leads us to witness the transformative potential of VR and AR in enhancing online shopping efficiency. We close with an exploration of the growing trend of shoppable ads and their potential to revolutionize media revenue. Don’t miss this enlightening journey into the future of commerce! Show Highlights: In-depth exploration of headless and composable e-commerce platforms, emphasizing the shift towards ‘commerce anywhere’ and the role of being an API-first company. Discussion on group shopping and digital experiences. Examination of the potential of VR and AR in the realm of online shopping. Analysis of the trend of shoppable ads and their potential to revolutionize media revenue. Conversation around AI’s potential in e-commerce, specifically in terms of predictive AI, generative AI, and their roles in enhancing shopping experiences. Case studies and practical applications of the concepts in various industries, including retail, travel, and the media sector. Links: Twitter:  LinkedIn: 

  • 190: GPT for Developers with Bhanudas Tanaka
    by Joshua Birk on 21 sierpnia 2023 at 08:00

    Settle in for a fascinating voyage through time with our guest, Bhanudas Tanaka, who has experienced the transformative journey of computer programming from its early days right up to the AI-powered present. Let’s whisk you into an intimate conversation where Bhanudas recounts how he reignited his mathematician father’s passion for programming, a story that’s sure to inspire.  But what does the future of programming hold? Not one to rest on past laurels, Bhanudas shares his insights on the seismic shifts brought about by AI in the programming landscape. Think of metadata-aware tools and AI agents that monitor the org continuously – the future of Salesforce development is here. Bhanudas details the minimum skills required to jump onto the AI bandwagon and the importance of a hands-on approach. He paints an exciting picture of the potential of GPT and Flow GPT in generating code and metadata, opening up a world of possibilities. Join us as we navigate the riveting evolution of programming and AI through the eyes of Bhanudas. Show Highlights: Discussion on Bhanudas’s professional programming experiences, including creating a shipment manager for a local shipping company. Overview of the significant evolution of language models and AI over the past three decades, with a focus on the progression from text-based Eliza to current AI capabilities. Insights on AI’s potential to revolutionize Salesforce development. The future of AI in Salesforce and the potential of GPT and Flow GPT to generate code and metadata. The changes in how we interact with technology, from searching in Google to prompting AI systems, and the possible future developments in this area. Links: Julián on LinkedIn: Bhanudas on LinkedIn: Other Resources: Terranox – Purple Mai’a Foundation – Resources Recommended By the Guest: People to watch, follow, and digest: Eliezer Yudkowsky –  Also interviewed by Lex – Andrej Karpathy – Sam Altman – Lex interview – Content creators he loves: Two Minute Papers – Lex Fridman – amazing guests, very deep and thoughtful – Asianometry – tech + Asia, lots of history, well written –  

  • 189: Practical DevOps with Rob Cowell
    by Joshua Birk on 14 sierpnia 2023 at 08:00

    Join us as we welcome Rob Cowell, a renowned DevOps advocate, on a journey through his personal and professional life in the world of programming and Salesforce. Starting with his early experiences tinkering with a Sord M5 computer, Rob shares how he transformed his passion for programming into a fulfilling career. We trace his evolution from working with Microsoft Access to .NET, C Sharp, and ultimately Salesforce and Apex, highlighting the importance of continuous learning and adaptation in the fast-paced tech industry. Transitioning into his current role, Rob pulls back the curtain on what it truly means to be a DevOps advocate. Emphasizing the significance of communication, collaboration, small incremental changes, and automation, he discusses how a commitment to quality is integral to delivering excellent results. The episode also explores the role of a Salesforce DevOps engineer and how to adopt the required skill set. Tune in to glean invaluable insights from Rob’s vast experience and deep knowledge of the Salesforce ecosystem. Show Highlights: The role and importance of Salesforce DevOps in delivering quality results efficiently. The key components of Salesforce DevOps include communication, collaboration, small incremental changes, and automation. The transition from traditional development stacks into Salesforce and the unique elements of the platform. The role of a Salesforce DevOps engineer and how to adopt the necessary skill set. The introduction of Rob Cowell’s project, ‘Shirt Force,’ which combines humor and philanthropy by creating Salesforce-themed t-shirts and donating the profits to charity. Insights into continuous improvement and the importance of adapting DevOps to your way of working. Links: Julián on LinkedIn: Rob on LinkedIn: Rob’s Twitter/X: @RobSalesforce Other resources: Gearset: DevOps Launchpad free training and certs: Shirtforce: His work on the demoscene:

  • 188: MuleSoft for Salesforce Developers with Akshata Sawant
    by Joshua Birk on 7 sierpnia 2023 at 08:00

    Strap in for a journey that takes you from the vibrant streets of Mumbai to the bustling tech scene of London, led by none other than Akshata Sawant, Senior Developer Advocate at Salesforce. We had the pleasure of delving into her career, starting from her time as a Newellsoft ambassador to her current influential role at Salesforce, where she’s truly making a difference by connecting with community groups across the globe.  We dive deep into the robust capabilities of MuleSoft’s transformation from a simple API integration tool to a comprehensive automation suite. We also shine a light on Akshata co-authored book, “MuleSoft for Salesforce Developers,” which is a must-read for anyone interested in this space. Whether you’re a seasoned developer or a tech newbie, this episode’s got insights and conversations that you just can’t afford to miss! Show Highlights: Akshata’s work as a MuleSoft ambassador and her current role as Salesforce’s Senior Developer Advocate.  Deep dive into MuleSoft’s evolution from a simple API integration tool to a comprehensive automation suite.  Akshata’s co-authored book, “Mulesoft for Salesforce Developers,” offering insights for anyone interested in this field.  The potential game-changers from MuleSoft’s Anypoint Platform, such as AI capabilities and a Visual Studio Code plugin. The capabilities of MuleSoft and the value of the platform for Salesforce developers.  The Anypoint platform’s offerings and potential future developments. Links: Twitter account: Linkedin account: Github account: MuleSoft for Salesforce Developers:  

  • 187: File and Event Security with Jagannathan Padmanabhan
    by Joshua Birk on 31 lipca 2023 at 08:00

    Get set for an illuminating episode with our special guest, Jagannathan Padmanabhan, a security advocate within his current role as a Technical Architect at Salesforce. Jagan brings to the fore how he leverages Salesforce to tackle customer challenges and his fervor for platform security. He imparts his wisdom on the zero trust security model and the principle of least privilege, both key aspects in maintaining a safe platform. Prepare to be enthralled as Jagan unveils the intricate workings of event-driven architecture within Salesforce. He walks us through the various events that transpire when a user logs in, accesses a list view, generates reports, or logs out. By the closure of our engaging conversation, you’ll have a deeper comprehension of file and event security in Salesforce – a pertinent skill in this digital age. Don’t miss out on this enlightening conversation! Show Highlights: Discussion on Salesforce’s zero trust security model and the principle of least privilege. Explanation of the role of Salesforce Shield in platform security. In-depth exploration of event-driven architecture within Salesforce. Introduction to the Event Monitoring add-on license, file events, and transaction security policies. How developers can use condition builders or Apex classes to send notifications and alerts. Importance of file and event security in Salesforce and its practical application in solving customer problems. Links: Real-time event monitoring: Linkedin account: FileEvents developer blog post:  

  • 186: Coffee with the Admin Evangelists
    by Joshua Birk on 24 lipca 2023 at 08:00

    Get ready for a lively discussion with our good friends and fellow admin evangelists, Mike Gerholdt and Gillian Bruce. Listen in as we tackle opinionated launches in the tech world and beyond, drawing from our experiences and personal thoughts. From the strange matrix of Coke Zero being the New Coke formula to the interesting fact that everyone has an opinion about Vision Pro, we share our insights and perspectives on how these launches draw attention and incite people’s opinions. We explore the long-rumored Apple car, the standardized dongles and charging ports, and the irony of gasoline pumps having a standard-size nozzle. Join us as we delve into the world of self-driving cars and how current roads are built for humans, not machines. Join us as we appreciate the diversity of experiences and opinions, building a deeper understanding of product appeal and consumer behavior. Show Highlights: Opinionated product launches, including Coke Zero, Google Glass, and Vision Pro. Deep dive into the tech world with a focus on the rumored Apple car and the standardization of charging ports. Exploration of self-driving cars, roads built for machines, and the future of technology.  Debate on controversial tech launches like Tesla’s Autopilot and McDonald’s McRib. Examination of the role of public opinion in product launches and its impact on the product’s success and accessibility. The possibilities and challenges of AI in future product launches. Links: Mike on LinkedIn: Gillian on LinkedIn: Josh on LinkedIn:  

  • 185: Data Cloud with Danielle Larregui
    by Joshua Birk on 17 lipca 2023 at 08:00

    Navigating through the tech world can feel like stepping into a labyrinth, but our guest Danielle Larregui has found her own unique path. Now a senior developer advocate for Marketing Cloud at Salesforce, Danielle shares her experiences that have transformed her from an accidental admin to a ‘casual teacher’ of developers. We chat about her intriguing journey into the tech world, her engaging first public speaking experience, and how she embraces each new challenge as an opportunity for growth.  We also dive deep into the world of customer data platforms (CDPs). Our conversation with Danielle is inspiring and packed with insights, offering a fresh perspective on the evolving tech industry. Show Highlights: Danielle’s journey from an “accidental admin” to a senior developer advocate for Marketing Cloud at Salesforce, discussing her career trajectory and experiences. The role of customer data platforms (CDPs) in consolidating customer data from disparate sources to provide a comprehensive view of the customer journey. How Salesforce’s Commerce Cloud, Marketing Cloud, and Data Cloud can be used together to create intelligent, data-driven marketing campaigns. The significance of data in modern society and the differentiation between data lake objects and data objects. Exploration of Danielle’s work with Marketing Cloud, including her projects involving AMPScript, server-side draw script, and the platform’s REST and SOAP API. Discussion on the role of Data Cloud in AI and its future prospects. Introduction to Salesforce’s Data Cloud, its structure, and its difference from standard Salesforce objects. Insight into the connection between Data Cloud and Tableau and how they work together for data analysis. Links: Danielle on Twitter: Danielle on LinkedIn:   

  • 184: AI Conversations with Greg Bennett
    by Joshua Birk on 10 lipca 2023 at 08:00

    Join us in an enlightening discussion with Greg Bennett, a Director of Conversational Design at Salesforce. We cover how he applies his knowledge of interactional social linguistics and discourse analysis to create more natural and intuitive interactions with generative AIs. He also shares anecdotes from his tenure at Microsoft working on Cortana and how his insights from different writing systems in Japanese inform the design of chatbot dialogues. In the second part of our discussion, Greg takes us through his path to Salesforce and how he made the business case for starting conversation design there. He provides insights into the careful design of prompts for models and model providers and the role of context in conversational AI. We then switch gears to explore the future of conversational design, the relevance of prompt engineering, and the exciting possibilities of generative AI.  Listen in as we unpack the evolution of conversational interfaces, the future of human-AI interaction, and the emerging vernacular of AI slang. Show Highlights: Greg’s journey to Salesforce and his role in pioneering conversation design, particularly the design of prompts for models and model providers. The significance of context in conversational AI is discussed, along with the future of conversational design and the emerging discipline of prompt engineering. The potential of generative AI and its impact on Salesforce’s user interface. The evolution of conversational interfaces, human-AI interactions, and the development of AI slang. The importance of prompt writing and its transformation into a fundamental skill for conversational AI is discussed, with insights into the system of prompt orchestration. Links: Greg on Twitter: Greg on LinkedIn:  

  • 183: Next Gen Slack Development with Jeremiah Peoples
    by Joshua Birk on 3 lipca 2023 at 08:00

    Get ready for an incredible journey as we chat with Jeremiah Peoples, a Senior Developer Advocate for Slack at Salesforce, and explore his fascinating career path. From his earliest computer encounters to joining the Air Force and teaching himself to code, Jeremiah’s story will inspire you to chase your dreams. Learn how he became a freelance YouTuber and ultimately landed his dream job at Slack, where he now shares his unique perspective on the power of Slack as a development platform and its potential to make the other 98% of software more efficient. But that’s not all – we’ll also dive deep into the world of building modular Slack applications. Jeremiah walks us through the new tools available for Slack developers, the starting point of the Slack CLI, and the different ways you can trigger a workflow. Discover the magic of Block Kit, a tool for building surfaces with JSON, and how modularity can be used to create powerful applications. Don’t miss this enlightening conversation that will leave you eager to explore the endless possibilities of Slack development! Show Highlights: Exploring the world of building modular Slack applications, including the new tools available for Slack developers. The three main pillars of modular Slack applications: functions, workflows, and triggers. The different ways to trigger a workflow in Slack, including event triggers, shortcut triggers, webhooks, and scheduled triggers. The upcoming features for Workflow Builder, including conditional logic and a greater contribution to the ecosystem of apps in Slack. Links: Twitter account – Linkedin account – The next generation Slack Platform:  

  • 182: SFDX-Hardis with Nicolas Vuillamy
    by Joshua Birk on 26 czerwca 2023 at 08:00

    Join us as we chat with Nicolas Vuillamy, CTO at Cloudity, about his journey from programming on a Commodore 64 at the age of 10 to becoming a professional developer at 16. Listen in as he shares his experience of discovering Salesforce and how the Trailblazer community played a crucial role in his growth. Nicolas talks about the inception of SFDX-Hardis, an open-source project designed to help developers and administrators implement CI/CD processes efficiently, filling the gap between expensive homemade pipelines and third-party tools. In this episode, we explore how SFDX-Hardis allows administrators and developers to perform complex tasks with simple commands without needing extensive knowledge of Git or SFDX. Nicolas also highlights the importance of having a release manager with Git expertise to handle more complicated tasks like conflicts. Hear the story behind the creation of a purging flow versions command and how feedback from colleagues contributed to the SFDX-Hardis roadmap.  Don’t miss this fascinating conversation with Nicolas Vuillamy and learn more about the powerful SFDX-Hardis project! Show Highlights: What SFDX-Hardis is and how it works. What the role of a release manager with Git experience is. The importance of the project being open source How new features are handled  Links: Nicolas on Linkedin: Nicolas on Github: Nicolas on Twitter Nicolas’ blog: SFDX-Hardis: